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Vaastushastra is the art of living with natural forces in harmony and peace. It is a science of fortune making, hence catches everybody's attention. 'Vastu' paintings aims at interfacing terrestrial energies with the celestial energies (emanating from other planets and constellations of our and other universes) to make man a part and parcel (of the cosmic order) and provide him with health, happiness and contentment. The use of paintings and pictures can create an active ambiance and respite.

Astrology, Yogashastra and Vaastu Science, when used together give a good solution to all Vaastu faults without breaking, reconstructing and related troubles.

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Who We Are?

We are highly popular in the market owing to out ability to understand the scenario in an appropriate manner during our meetings with consultants as well as clients. Our highly valuable solutions are based on effective type of Vaastu corrections or astrological solutions at economical rates.

Our Profile

Vastushastra essentially deals with two energy souiecs - the solar energy flux and the geomagnetic energy flux. The science of Vastu aims at controlling the flow of these energies

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Why Choose Us?

We offer an extensive Vastu and astrology consultation services at economical rates to our valued clients. Our experts are well versed in their respective area of domain. These are

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Vision & Mission

Bharatiya Vaastu Shashtra consultants strives to offer its clients most reliable Vaastu shashtra Services as well as astrological service to achieve100% client satisfaction

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Our Services

Balancing your Home, Factory, Industries and Office environments, aligning celestial and earth energies [+] Readmore

Recommendation of landscape design and plantings those are both aesthetically pleasing and [+] Readmore

Vastu is not a religion it's a science of setting the things correctly and balance the five elements [+] Readmore

For instance, even after constructing house as per vaastushashtra there will be a lot of problems like [+] Readmore

We provide special remedies for haunted homes.

For instance, even after constructing house as per vaastushashtra there will be a lot of problems like: falling ill, feeling uncomfortable, feeling drowsiness, sleepless during night. In such cases we will provide remedies to get rid from the above mentioned problems.

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